Angel is a teen-aged male Indian Ringneck, whom his humans dearly loved but had to rehome when one of the family members developed severe allergies. Angel steps up, but as with all parakeets, he can be a bit territorial when in his cage. Once out of the cage, however, he loves to interact and sit on someone's shoulder or on top of his cage and survey his surroundings. He says a few words, notably "Angel's a baby," sings a couple of songs and wolf whistles. He begs for food when he deems it necessary, or maybe just for fun, and he is a very loving pet. He likes a good seed mix and will eat pellets sneaked into the mix. He is particularly fond of peeled grapes (seriously, this bird is not spoiled!), apples and green beans. Angel will make a great pet for someone who knows that lots of personality so often comes in small packages. Angel's adoption fee is $250, and he comes with a size-appropriate playtop cage