ANNIE is a sweet Moluccan Cockatoo, approximately 20 years old, whose owner's failing health necessitated her rehoming. Though Annie hasn't been handled in a while, we believe she will come around quickly, once she reestablishes trust with you. We would prefer to place Annie with someone who has had cockatoo experience, and who knows they require patience and a certain amount of cajoling to bring them out of their shell (so to speak). Annie can be somewhat shy, and does seem to prefer men at times, but she enjoys head scritches from just about anyone. She will bow her head forward to encourage you to preen her crest feathers; and if you're an experienced cockatoo person, you know all about how much they enjoy that! Annie is a rather large female with a good appetite and gourmet tendencies. Peanuts, bananas, bits of string cheese, apples, celery, carrots, pistachios and other nuts are quite well appreciated as treats. She is fed both morning and night and won't mind sharing dinner with you. Annie likes a spray bath several times a week, especially in summer. Annie's adoption fee is $450, which includes a size-appropriate cage.