CHANCE is a large male Blue & Gold Macaw whose owner's failing health has necessitated his rehoming. He is rather mild-mannered and seems to be settling in nicely to his new life with a foster, who is helping him work on his social skills and an ability to entertain himself with toys. One thing we can say for certain . . . This boy loves to eat, and he hasn't skipped a beat in the appetite area. Chance lived in a home that had an open-door policy, and he doesn't like to be cooped up; what he prefers is to be in the center of activity, safely atop his cage, surveying the goings-on. Chance has a slight--recently developed prior to his resettlement--feather picking issue under one wing, but we are nipping that in the bud, and we are confident he will leave bad habits behind as he develops his confidence and trust in a new environment. The adoption fee for Chance is $450 and includes a size-appropriate cage.