HANS is a 19 year-old, absolutely adorable Hahn's Macaw, who is a really fun talker. His repertoire includes "I love you," "Hi," "Wotcha doin,'" "Hungry?", "Mmmmm, it's good," and "Uh, oh!" (one of his favorites). He also barks like a dog. He likes shredable toys, and he loves his Happy Hut (green only) for sleeping. He's an excellent "watch bird," and enjoys spending time near a sunny window where the action is. He's a brave little guy, so must be watched carefully around larger birds and pets. He rather resents having his cage redecorated, and he doesn't like a lot of clutter. Hans is a good little eater (quality seed mix and pellets) and likes his snacks, including Nutriberries, birdy bread, fruits, veggies and scrambled eggs. Pending his vet check, Hans's adoption fee will likely be $375 and will include his cage, as well as the recipe for his favorite birdy bread.