Adoptable Birds

Click on the picture or the name to see the individual page for each bird. If you would like to adopt a bird, please see the ADOPT page for information on what to do next. We have many more birds than are listed here. If you are interested in a specific type of bird, please fill out an adoption form so specifying, and we will be in touch with you to discuss available birds. 
    • Kiwi

      KIWI is a female white-headed pionus, approximately 11 years old. She is somewhat shy and relatively quiet when things are going her way, and though she looks somewhat like a small Amazon, she is not quite the "party animal" that an Amazon can be. She would be perfect for someone who can spend time with her, to help her adjust and reestablish her social skills. Kiwi's favorite activities include watching TV and dancing, and she enjoys sitting with her person and having conversations; she loves being spoken to and does not like to be left alone too long if she knows her main person in the house, and she doesn't mind letting you know! Kiwi has a good appetite and eats high-quality pellets and seed mix. Her favorite snacks are peanuts, apples and popcorn, all of which seem fairly appropriate for a TV watcher. Kiwi has developed a bit of a feather issue of late, probably because her person was unable to spend as much time with her as he had previously. We think she will bounce back rather quickly with the right person, someone who is able to show her the love and attention she deserves. Kiwi's adoption is $375 and she comes with a size-appropriate cage.

    • Merlin

      Blue and Gold MERLIN, is a large male macaw teenager, who really does seem to believe in magic. For one thing, he is quite certain he can put you under his spell, so you'll want to become his BFF! Though he is still a bit cautious at times, in his previous life Merlin quite enjoyed hanging with his person (a female) and other bird buddies, though he definitely fashioned himself a flock leader. Merlin likes to dance and watch TV and he quite enjoys sitting atop his cage where he can survey his domain. He's a good eater and enjoys a high-quality macaw mix and pellets. He likes comfort-food treats, like mashed potatoes with mixed veggies and mac and cheese. Oh, and he does like nuts! He also likes frequent gentle spray baths or showering with a person once you've gained his trust. Merlin's adoption fee is $450, which includes a size-appropriate cage.

    • Roxie

      Teenager ROXIE is a very sweet girl but is somewhat timid. She loves men in particular and though she is okay with women, she does not demonstrate the same level of affection to women as she does men. She loves to dance (with or without the presence of music). She likes up tempo songs, doesn't matter who the artist; as long as it's got a good beat, she can figure out her groove. She has had limited exposure to children, and though they are not her favorite--especially if they're in overdrive--she is coming around. Older children seem to be better tolerated but still not too fond very young ones. This, of course, is nothing unusual for the typical Moluccan. She doesn't seek the company of other birds, and is quite cautious around other pets in general. Roxie is getting more comfortable sitting on your arm but sill is most comfortable atop her cage or her favorite perches. She loves to be outdoors and enjoys water. She is happy in the shower or just gently being hosed off with a mister setting on a hose. She does enjoy head scratches when she is in the mood. Although Roxie will require some time and patience to establish her place in your universe, she has excellent pet potential. Adoption fee of $450 includes size approriate cage.

    • Annie

      ANNIE is a sweet Moluccan Cockatoo, approximately 20 years old, whose owner's failing health necessitated her rehoming. Though Annie hasn't been handled in a while, we believe she will come around quickly, once she reestablishes trust with you. We would prefer to place Annie with someone who has had cockatoo experience, and who knows they require patience and a certain amount of cajoling to bring them out of their shell (so to speak). Annie can be somewhat shy, and does seem to prefer men at times, but she enjoys head scritches from just about anyone. She will bow her head forward to encourage you to preen her crest feathers; and if you're an experienced cockatoo person, you know all about how much they enjoy that! Annie is a rather large female with a good appetite and gourmet tendencies. Peanuts, bananas, bits of string cheese, apples, celery, carrots, pistachios and other nuts are quite well appreciated as treats. She is fed both morning and night and won't mind sharing dinner with you. Annie likes a spray bath several times a week, especially in summer. Annie's adoption fee is $450, which includes a size-appropriate cage.

    • CASPER

      CASPER is a female bare-eyed cockatoo, who loves to whistle. She likes to be paid her fair share of attention, particularly by male humans. She loves time out of her cage, likes shoulder rides, and she derives great enjoyment from sharing a meal with "her people." Casper's adoption fee, which includes a size-appropriate cage, is $400.

    • Sunny

      SUNNY is a very friendly male blue and gold macaw. He says "Hi, hello, good morning, and step up." He is relatively quiet for his kind, which can be rather boisterous and attention-seeking. Sunny is learning more about toys in his foster home, and he has a pleasant disposition. He is on a special diet of Dr. Beex bird cakes, and he likes nuts. He has a bit of a feather issue, but his foster family is working on that. Sunny's adoption fee, which includes a size-appropriate cage, is $425.00.