Adoptable Birds

Click on the picture or the name to see the individual page for each bird. If you would like to adopt a bird, please see the ADOPT page for information on what to do next. We have many more birds than are listed here. If you are interested in a specific type of bird, please fill out an adoption form so specifying, and we will be in touch with you to discuss available birds. 

      CARLITO is a sweet umbrella cockatoo with special needs. In his early 20s, Carlito has impaired vision. He is blind in one eye and has a cataract in his other eye. Carlito is looking for a new home, where he can be loved and feel safe, with someone who is willing to pamper him a bit. His sight impairment is a relatively new phenomenon to Carlito, and we know he has potential to be the "class clown", as he was certainly that prior to his partial loss of vision. He does talk some ("Hi, I love you!") and seems determined to melt his way into someone's heart. Carlito enjoys time out of his cage and he is learning all about baths, of which he knew relatively little when he arrived. Carlito gets along with people of both sexes, but does show a bit of a preference for the ladies. His adoption fee includes a size-appropriate cage. Carlito is adoptable to the right person through the Southern Nevada Parrot Education, Rescue & Rehoming Society, following a home visit and an “interview” with his very self, who is surely going to be in on the decision. If you are interested in providing a permanent home for Carlito, please call 702-856-3300.

    • Sunny

      SUNNY is a very friendly male blue and gold macaw. He says "Hi, hello, good morning, and step up." He is relatively quiet for his kind, which can be rather boisterous and attention-seeking. Sunny is learning more about toys in his foster home, and he has a pleasant disposition. He is on a special diet of Dr. Beex bird cakes, and he likes nuts. He has a bit of a feather issue, but his foster family is working on that. Sunny's adoption fee, which includes a size-appropriate cage, is $425.00.

    • Cherry

      CHERRY is a 26 year-old male cherry-headed conure in good feather. His people-food-oriented diet includes brown rice, oatmeal with mixed berry yogurt, peanuts, fresh veggies and toast (raisin, if possible!). He will eat pellets and seed sticks, but mostly likes to eat what you yourself might eat. As a result, he is a tad overweight, and his foster has put him on a diet! More news on that as it happens. He is quite a cute guy, however, who enjoys misting baths, and likes to entertain his friends with a bit of talking and imitations of various household sounds. He likes small wooden and paper and cardboard toys, but has been known to take his time getting used to a new toy. He loves time out of his cage and just hanging with the people, especially with men, whom he seems to prefer. Cherry's adoption fee is pending his vet check but will certainly include a size-appropriate cage.

    • Buddy

      BUDDY is a 26 year-old male Congo African Grey in good feather, who will step up nicely once he gets to know you. He quite likes people food, including fruits and veggies and will eat pellets, nuts and seeds as treats. He actually enjoys sitting (standing) at the dinner table with his own plate at times. He wolf whistles and says a few things: "Come here," "Give me a kiss," (also kisses); he also imitates the microwave, puppy whining and a baby crying. He likes toys that yield to his beak and must have at least one toy with bells. The vet said Buddy's ready for take-off, so to speak, and his adoption fee of $450 includes a size-appropriate cage.

    • ROCCO

      ROCCO is a male orange-fronted conure, approximately 10 years old, whose main person passed away recently. His fosters are helping him achieve a better diet of quality seed, pellets, fruits and vegetables. Rocco has become quite interactive; he says a few things and appears to have no self-esteem issues! Rocco’s adoption fee is $250 and includes a size-appropriate cage.

    • SweetPea

      SWEETPEA is a very young, not yet six months old, female ringneck parakeet. She is still at a very formative age, and her fosters are teaching her how to be a good pet. She's not yet ready for adoption, but she's coming along nicely. She eats a good hookbill mixture and Pretty Bird pellets. Her adoption fee will be set following a vet check. Stay tuned!