Adoptable Birds

Click on the picture or the name to see the individual page for each bird. If you would like to adopt a bird, please see the ADOPT page for information on what to do next. We have many more birds than are listed here. If you are interested in a specific type of bird, please fill out an adoption form so specifying, and we will be in touch with you to discuss available birds. 
    • Howie

      Howie is a 7-year old Green Cheek Conure, whose family had to rehome him, much to their dismay. He hails from a household that had two other small birds. Due to a change in everyone's work schedule, the family feared Howie was getting the short end of the perch, and he was letting them know it! He's a cute little guy, who loves to chatter and whistle and actually says a few things: "Whatcha doin'", "pretty bird," and "thank you." Obviously, Howie is polite! He always has a greeting for you when you approach his cage and loves being spoken to. He's a bit hand shy, but we think he will get over that fast once he settles in. Howie has a good appetite and particularly enjoys veggies and different fruits, including especially mango, apple, and kiwi. He also likes french fries, crackers, broccoli and carrots.
      Howie comes with a size-appropriate cage, which he likes quite well; he is rather active with his toys, and he loves his ladder. Howie's adoption fee is $185.00, which includes his cage.

    • Norman

      Anyone who meets Norman, a teen-aged bare-eyed cockatoo, recognizes that he has a certain star quality. He is the quintessential class clown, who loves to dance and chatter. But, don't get him overstimulated, or he starts cursing. We try to ignore that! He eats well and his vet-check has cleared him for takeoff. His adoption fee of $425 includes an appropriate cage.

    • Guida - Adoption Pending!

      Guida--once thought to be Guido--is a somewhat shy female Congo African Grey, who is slowly coming out of her shell. Approximately 20 years old she had been in the same family all her life until her main person's illness rocked her world. She has a bit of a feather issue as a result, but with the help of her foster, that problem is being addressed. Her vet check was all systems go, and we think she will feather out nicely with a refeathering regimen and some dietary changes. Meanwhile, her verbal repertoire is expanding almost daily as her comfort level in new surroundings increases and her inner bird becomes more apparent. Though she's not yet ready for adoption, our goal is to have her turning over a new leaf later in the fall, probably by early or mid-November. Guida's adoption fee is $450 and includes a size-appropriate cage and accessories. Watch for updates!

    • CASPER

      CASPER is a female bare-eyed cockatoo, who loves to whistle. She likes to be paid her fair share of attention, particularly by male humans. She loves time out of her cage, likes shoulder rides, and she derives great enjoyment from sharing a meal with "her people." Casper's adoption fee, which includes a size-appropriate cage, is $400.

    • Sunny

      SUNNY is a very friendly male blue and gold macaw. He says "Hi, hello, good morning, and step up." He is relatively quiet for his kind, which can be rather boisterous and attention-seeking. Sunny is learning more about toys in his foster home, and he has a pleasant disposition. He is on a special diet of Dr. Beex bird cakes, and he likes nuts. He has a bit of a feather issue, but his foster family is working on that. Sunny's adoption fee, which includes a size-appropriate cage, is $425.00.

    • Cherry

      CHERRY is a 26 year-old male cherry-headed conure in good feather. His people-food-oriented diet includes brown rice, oatmeal with mixed berry yogurt, peanuts, fresh veggies and toast (raisin, if possible!). He will eat pellets and seed sticks, but mostly likes to eat what you yourself might eat. As a result, he is a tad overweight, and his foster has put him on a diet! More news on that as it happens. He is quite a cute guy, however, who enjoys misting baths, and likes to entertain his friends with a bit of talking and imitations of various household sounds. He likes small wooden and paper and cardboard toys, but has been known to take his time getting used to a new toy. He loves time out of his cage and just hanging with the people, especially with men, whom he seems to prefer. Cherry's adoption fee is pending his vet check but will certainly include a size-appropriate cage.