Adoptable Birds

Click on the picture or the name to see the individual page for each bird. If you would like to adopt a bird, please see the ADOPT page for information on what to do next. We have many more birds than are listed here. If you are interested in a specific type of bird, please fill out an adoption form so specifying, and we will be in touch with you to discuss available birds. 
    • SweetPea

      SWEETPEA is a very young, not yet six months old, female ringneck parakeet. She is still at a very formative age, and her fosters are teaching her how to be a good pet. She's not yet ready for adoption, but she's coming along nicely. She eats a good hookbill mixture and Pretty Bird pellets. Her adoption fee will be set following a vet check. Stay tuned!

    • Birdie-Birdie

      BIRDIE-BIRDIE is an assumed male quaker (a DNA test will tell), approximately 8 years old, who hasn't been handled in recent months prior to admission to the program; as a result, he is a bit cage aggressive, but his fosters are working on that and are making progress. He's actually a fairly encouraging work in process, and we expect he will make the right someone a very nice pet once he regains his composure and his trust in people, which were a bit shaken during the illness of his former owner. Birdie-Birdie's adoption fee will be set following a vet check, and it will include a right-sized cage.

    • Cookie

      COOKIE is a 12-year-old Meyers parrot, described by his fosters as a real sweetheart who steps up nicely, is well socialized, and loves to spend time with favorite people, which seem to be just about everyone! He doesn't talk much, but he does say "Hi," and he whistles. He has a great appetite and is an eclectic consumer of fruit, nets, veggies, seeds and pellets. Cookie's adoption fee is $285 and includes a right-sized cage.

    • Lucky

      Lucky is a male Congo African Grey, approximately 10 years old, who is somewhat shy at first, but will warm up once he gets to know you. He loves toys, watching TV, and listening to calm music. Lucky, a one-time mutilator, has shed his bad habit, but is yet a bit feather-challenged. He will benefit from frequent baths, time outdoors and more natural light, and he should be in a home where he can get all of those. Lucky is an enthusiastic eater on a pelleted diet, with snacks of snap peas, pears, in-shell almonds, bananas, sunflower seeds and apple, the latter three being his favorites. Lucky is happily vocal, and he sometimes calls to Albert and Bobbie (former owners), makes fire alarm and machine shop noises, and imitates car alarm and police car sirens. He sometimes speaks in Armenian, which can be rather entertaining. Lucky’s adoption fee is $425, which includes his cage.

    • Magoo

      Magoo is a 33-year old male red-lored Amazon. He is a very sweet bird, friendly with other birds, loves to sit on top of his cage and just chill, even while another bird might visit his cage! Magoo has a great appetite and eats a wide variety of foods, including pellets, seed mix with fruit and nuts, and fruits and veggies. He's not much of a talker, but he does like to be in on everything! Magoo's adoption fee is $350, and includes his size-appropriate playtop cage.

    • Angel

      Angel is a teen-aged male Indian Ringneck, whom his humans dearly loved but had to rehome when one of the family members developed severe allergies. Angel steps up, but as with all parakeets, he can be a bit territorial when in his cage. Once out of the cage, however, he loves to interact and sit on someone's shoulder or on top of his cage and survey his surroundings. He says a few words, notably "Angel's a baby," sings a couple of songs and wolf whistles. He begs for food when he deems it necessary, or maybe just for fun, and he is a very loving pet. He likes a good seed mix and will eat pellets sneaked into the mix. He is particularly fond of peeled grapes (seriously, this bird is not spoiled!), apples and green beans. Angel will make a great pet for someone who knows that lots of personality so often comes in small packages. Angel's adoption fee is $250, and he comes with a size-appropriate playtop cage