KIWI is a female white-headed pionus, approximately 11 years old. She is somewhat shy and relatively quiet when things are going her way, and though she looks somewhat like a small Amazon, she is not quite the "party animal" that an Amazon can be. She would be perfect for someone who can spend time with her, to help her adjust and reestablish her social skills. Kiwi's favorite activities include watching TV and dancing, and she enjoys sitting with her person and having conversations; she loves being spoken to and does not like to be left alone too long if she knows her main person in the house, and she doesn't mind letting you know! Kiwi has a good appetite and eats high-quality pellets and seed mix. Her favorite snacks are peanuts, apples and popcorn, all of which seem fairly appropriate for a TV watcher. Kiwi has developed a bit of a feather issue of late, probably because her person was unable to spend as much time with her as he had previously. We think she will bounce back rather quickly with the right person, someone who is able to show her the love and attention she deserves. Kiwi's adoption is $375 and she comes with a size-appropriate cage.