Blue and Gold MERLIN, is a large male macaw teenager, who really does seem to believe in magic. For one thing, he is quite certain he can put you under his spell, so you'll want to become his BFF! Though he is still a bit cautious at times, in his previous life Merlin quite enjoyed hanging with his person (a female) and other bird buddies, though he definitely fashioned himself a flock leader. Merlin likes to dance and watch TV and he quite enjoys sitting atop his cage where he can survey his domain. He's a good eater and enjoys a high-quality macaw mix and pellets. He likes comfort-food treats, like mashed potatoes with mixed veggies and mac and cheese. Oh, and he does like nuts! He also likes frequent gentle spray baths or showering with a person once you've gained his trust. Merlin's adoption fee is $450, which includes a size-appropriate cage.