REMY is a 20+ female double yellow-headed Amazon, who definitely prefers being a woman's bird. Unfortunately, Remy's trust has been broken several times in the last five years, though no fault of her own. And, don't we hate when that happens! This girl will need someone who understands that parrots can be very emotional creatures in the face of loss. Remy has the capacity to be very companionable. Before her world was turned upside down, she enjoyed watching TV, singing and dancing with her person. She can be a fear biter at times, and one must exercise caution in helping her come out of her shell. She really needs someone to help her be able to trust again. Remy isn't for just anyone, but with the right person to bring out her inner bird, slowly but sure she will thrive.She's a good eater; though not fond of pellets, she likes fresh fruits, vegetables and people food. Her adoption fee of $325 includes a size-appropriate cage. If you're looking to help a special needs bird, and you have the time and the temperament to work with her, don't rule Remy out.