Teenager ROXIE is a very sweet girl but is somewhat timid. She loves men in particular and though she is okay with women, she does not demonstrate the same level of affection to women as she does men. She loves to dance (with or without the presence of music). She likes up tempo songs, doesn't matter who the artist; as long as it's got a good beat, she can figure out her groove. She has had limited exposure to children, and though they are not her favorite--especially if they're in overdrive--she is coming around. Older children seem to be better tolerated but still not too fond very young ones. This, of course, is nothing unusual for the typical Moluccan. She doesn't seek the company of other birds, and is quite cautious around other pets in general. Roxie is getting more comfortable sitting on your arm but sill is most comfortable atop her cage or her favorite perches. She loves to be outdoors and enjoys water. She is happy in the shower or just gently being hosed off with a mister setting on a hose. She does enjoy head scratches when she is in the mood. Although Roxie will require some time and patience to establish her place in your universe, she has excellent pet potential. Adoption fee of $450 includes size approriate cage.