Adoptable Birds

Click on the picture or the name to see the individual page for each bird. If you would like to adopt a bird, please see the ADOPT page for information on what to do next. We have many more birds than are listed here. If you are interested in a specific type of bird, please fill out an adoption form so specifying, and we will be in touch with you to discuss available birds. 
  • JB ("Just Bird")

    JB ("JUST BIRD") is a 23-year male Citron-crested Cockatoo, whose original owners are making a career move out of state. Sadly, their new digs will not be able to accommodate JB, with whom they also find themselves less able to spend quality time. Ah, but he's a great bird! JB is relatively quiet (Nice!), appears to have NO self-esteem issues (OUT-standing!), eats well, and is quite entertaining. He also has an "evil laugh," talks some and is very interactive. JB enjoys time out of his cage hanging with his humans, watching TV, listening to music (especially 50s and classic rock), and being part of the action. He also enjoys spending time outdoors but must be secured because he is flighted. JB is a seasonal plucker, but we think he's just about perfect for anyone who's looking for a best friend who's feathered but barks like a dog on occasion. Pending his vet check, JB's adoption fee will include a size-appropriate cage and his play stand.

  • Chance

    CHANCE is a large male Blue & Gold Macaw whose owner's failing health has necessitated his rehoming. He is rather mild-mannered and seems to be settling in nicely to his new life with a foster, who is helping him work on his social skills and an ability to entertain himself with toys. One thing we can say for certain . . . This boy loves to eat, and he hasn't skipped a beat in the appetite area. Chance lived in a home that had an open-door policy, and he doesn't like to be cooped up; what he prefers is to be in the center of activity, safely atop his cage, surveying the goings-on. Chance has a slight--recently developed prior to his resettlement--feather picking issue under one wing, but we are nipping that in the bud, and we are confident he will leave bad habits behind as he develops his confidence and trust in a new environment. The adoption fee for Chance is $450 and includes a size-appropriate cage.

  • Kai

    KAI is a male Moluccan cockatoo teenager, who is rather shy and reserved, but with the help of his foster he is learning to play with toys and is beginning to like spending time in the company of other birds. He enjoys sitting on top of a playtop cage near a sunny window, and has been known to engage in an occasional walkabout. His diet needed correction when he first came to us, but he is coming along nicely in that regard. He now likes a wider variety of foods; in addition to his pellets and a quality seed mixture, he eats veggies, fruits, eggs and some people food. Kai needs a bit more socialization, and he will be ready for adoption soon. Kai's adoption fee is $450 and includes a size-appropriate cage.

  • Shiloh & Opal

    Shiloh (left) and Opal (right) are blue and gold macaws in their late teens and late twenties respectively. Currently they are cage mates, but we are hoping to help them become more independent of each other. Vet check is pending and we will DNA test them, but both are believed to be males, since they have been together over ten years and neither has laid an egg. Both appear to have good pet quality.They're not ready for adoption yet, either together or separately. Of course, they squabble . . . they're macaws! Obviously, only time will tell, and they themselves are likely to have more than a casual say in the matter of whether or not they should remain together in the same cage. Notwithstanding we have some work cut out for us, we wanted to list them on the site sooner rather than later, so we can update on their progress. Adoption fee(s) will be posted once we have veterinary results and determine whether Shiloh and Opal would prefer to stay together or not. In the meantime, we will be accepting indications of interest.

  • Sarge

    SARGE, a young military macaw (under 5) loves attention and likes to be held by anyone, anywhere, anytime. His fosters indicate that he probably prefers women. He is not fond of small children, probably because they move too fast, and he can sometimes be aggressive with them if he's not in the mood for weaves and dodges. Sarge does not like being caged, probably because within the last year or so he spent entirely too much time in his cage, after his previous owner became ill. An open-door policy would definitely be appreciated by this boy, at least in the near term. Sarge says "hello" whenever the phone rings. He quite lives for head and neck scratches and rubs. Sarge is described by his foster as an "easy and clean" bird. He has an eclectic appetite and especially likes sharing what you're having for breakfast, lunch or dinner; though he does eat a high-quality pellet and seed mix. Sarge must be adopted in-state; his adoption fee is $450, which includes a size-appropriate cage.

  • Miss Pickles

    At 40+ and going strong, MISS PICKLES, a red-lored Amazon, is an experienced pet and a bit of a grand dame. When out of her cage, which she loves to be, she enjoys head scritches. Pickles loves men but also does well with women. She laughs and says hello. She's a very tidy bird and easy to care for, not at all demanding. Though she is a little arthritic, she remains good-natured; Miss P has a good appetite, likes baths, likes to hang with people but not to excess, rather Amazon-like of her! Some birds, like Keith Richards, are just happy to be somewhere. That's Miss Pickles for ya! Miss Pickles is an engaging senior citizen available for adoption for a $350 adoption fee and comes with a size-appropriate cage.