Lucky is a male Congo African Grey, approximately 10 years old, who is somewhat shy at first, but will warm up once he gets to know you. He loves toys, watching TV, and listening to calm music. Lucky, a one-time mutilator, has shed his bad habit, but is yet a bit feather-challenged. He will benefit from frequent baths, time outdoors and more natural light, and he should be in a home where he can get all of those. Lucky is an enthusiastic eater on a pelleted diet, with snacks of snap peas, pears, in-shell almonds, bananas, sunflower seeds and apple, the latter three being his favorites. Lucky is happily vocal, and he sometimes calls to Albert and Bobbie (former owners), makes fire alarm and machine shop noises, and imitates car alarm and police car sirens. He sometimes speaks in Armenian, which can be rather entertaining.