CARLY, approximately 11 years old, is a big, beautiful female blue and gold macaw, a gentle and easy-going young lady, in great feather and uncommonly quiet. She came from a home that had an open-door policy; as a result, she loves lots of time out of her cage. She does well on a large play stand, which we would highly recommend. Carly also enjoys time outdoors communing with nature (in a secured cage, please!). She talks some, and has been known to wave from time to time, given the proper cues. She is quite content just being where the action is, and appreciates the "finer" things in life, like frequent showers and a healthy diet consisting largely of Zupreem pellets, fruit, veggies and nuts. In recent taste tests, she also approved of Nutriberries. At nearly 1100 grams, getting this girl to eat does not appear to be a problem. In fact, one may just have to watch her weight, lest her girlish figure become less so. Pending a vet check, Carly's adoption fee--which will include her large cage--will be set, and she will be available for adoption to an individual or family of her choice.