Howie is a 7-year old Green Cheek Conure, whose family had to rehome him, much to their dismay. He hails from a household that had two other small birds. Due to a change in everyone's work schedule, the family feared Howie was getting the short end of the perch, and he was letting them know it! He's a cute little guy, who loves to chatter and whistle and actually says a few things: "Whatcha doin'", "pretty bird," and "thank you." Obviously, Howie is polite! He always has a greeting for you when you approach his cage and loves being spoken to. He's a bit hand shy, but we think he will get over that fast once he settles in. Howie has a good appetite and particularly enjoys veggies and different fruits, including especially mango, apple, and kiwi. He also likes french fries, crackers, broccoli and carrots. Howie comes with a size-appropriate cage, which he likes quite well; he is rather active with his toys, and he loves his ladder. Howie's adoption fee is $185.00, which includes his cage.