SARGE, a young military macaw (under 5) loves attention and likes to be held by anyone, anywhere, anytime. His fosters indicate that he probably prefers women. He is not fond of small children, probably because they move too fast, and he can sometimes be aggressive with them if he's not in the mood for weaves and dodges. Sarge does not like being caged, probably because within the last year or so he spent entirely too much time in his cage, after his previous owner became ill. An open-door policy would definitely be appreciated by this boy, at least in the near term. Sarge says "hello" whenever the phone rings. He quite lives for head and neck scratches and rubs. Sarge is described by his foster as an "easy and clean" bird. He has an eclectic appetite and especially likes sharing what you're having for breakfast, lunch or dinner; though he does eat a high-quality pellet and seed mix. Sarge must be adopted in-state; his adoption fee is $450, which includes a size-appropriate cage.