Guida (now Rita)

Guida--once thought to be Guido--is a somewhat shy female Congo African Grey, who is slowly coming out of her shell. Approximately 20 years old she had been in the same family all her life until her main person's illness rocked her world. She has a bit of a feather issue as a result, but with the help of her foster, that problem is being addressed. Her vet check was all systems go, and we think she will feather out nicely with a refeathering regimen and some dietary changes. Meanwhile, her verbal repertoire is expanding almost daily as her comfort level in new surroundings increases and her inner bird becomes more apparent. Though she's not yet ready for adoption, our goal is to have her turning over a new leaf later in the fall, probably by early or mid-November. Guida's adoption fee is $450 and includes a size-appropriate cage and accessories. Watch for updates!