KAY-KAY is a 12 year-old male Umbrella cockatoo, whose owner has some health issues that make it impossible for him to keep KayKay any longer. He talks some, and his repertoire includes "Hi, Kay-Kay", "Hello" (when the phone rings), "Okay" and "Uh, huh," not necessarily in that order! He also clucks like a chicken and barks like a dog, so that's at least two more pets you may not need to acquire! KayKay loves music and likes to dance, and attempts to sing along if you are singing. He likes toys made of wood and shreddable toys, and he is quite a radio listener, and appears to favor KKLZ, apparently a "classic hits" kinda guy apparently! Can it be he was named for the radio station? Kay-Kay eats Zupreem medium-sized pellets, and his diet is being expanded to include fruits and veggies and nuts on occasion. Kay-Kay's adoption fee is $450 and includes a size-appropriate cage.