Frankie is a 27 year-old Blue and Gold Macaw who is a friendly bird. He does not bite. He is friendly to everyone in the family and enjoys sitting outside of his cage on his perch in the living room or kitchen while watching you make breakfast. He will step up once he gets to know you if you extend your arm and tell him to. At first thought to favor females, we think his original owner was male since he has grown most fond of the dad in the family. Frankie is a talker who says "hello!, hi!, uh-oh, step-up" and a variety of other sounds. Frankie really enjoys sitting on your arm or will happily sit with you outside for as long as you like. He is friendly to other birds and other house-hold pet family members. Frankie loves to eat walnuts, strawberries, oranges, cheerios, oatmeal, cheese, almonds and almond butter. His new favorite snack is a ginger-crisp cookie. He also enjoys seed along with a pellet diet. Frankie is vocal in the morning but generally quiets down after 10 a.m. on most days. Frankie has a clean report from the vet, however, he will not fly since his left-wing cannot extend fully. That's OK, Frankie is happy to walk over to you and sit on your arm wherever you go. On occasion, Frankie does enjoy watching some TV and will often talk to whoever is on. Adoption fee of $475 includes size appropriate cage.