Rocky is a teen-aged umbrella cockatoo, very sweet and engaging. He says a few things, most notably "Hello," and "rock and roll," and like any cockatoo he loves attention. He's a bit of a "discerning" eater, eating prepared parrot mixes and especially likes to be handfed Nutriberries as snacks. He sometimes eats fruits and vegetables, sometimes soak and cook, all of which depends on what sort of gastronomical mood he's in. He likes to sit on the couch and watch TV or just cuddle and take a nap. Rocky has been in a household with a couple of other, smaller birds and he has had some exposure to children. That said, his presence among children must be supervised! For whatever reason, he enjoys tossing a little blue dustpan around on the floor, and he likes to play catch with a ball; he also likes chew toys. He DOES NOT like being toweled, but he does like a tub shower, using a gentle spray attachment. Rocky's adoption fee of $450 includes his cage and, of course, his dustpan!