Natalie is a DNA female Congo African Grey, approximately 15 years old. She is a sweet bird, rather standoffish at first, but once she gets comfortable she enjoys sitting with her people and getting pets and cuddles while watching TV. She also likes to dance when the tune is right and the mood moves her. She enjoys shred toys, especially paper goods, so you’ll want to be watch the paper plates and napkins! She also likes hanging upside down in her cage, and she whistles and mimics household noises. Natalie does talk some, and favorite phrases include “good girl,” “good morning,” and “mmmm . . .” to compliment the chef. She is a good eater, and enjoys a diet consisting of approximately 60% Zupreem pellets, with fresh fruit, nuts and veggies in the morning and some warm food in the evening, when available; brown rice or mashed potatoes and fresh veggies are her favorite comfort foods. Natalie is generally a very happy girl, though somewhat feather-challenged, seasonally getting down to her grey flannels. Though she has most recently been owned by a woman, she shows no major preference for either sex. (UPDATE: Natalie is doing great on her refeathering regime as seen in the 2nd picture.) Natalie’s adoption fee is $400 and includes her cage.