Note: Shiloh has been adopted. Shiloh (left) and Opal (right) are blue and gold macaws in their late teens and late twenties respectively. Currently they are cage mates, but we are hoping to help them become more independent of each other. Vet check is pending and we will DNA test them, but both are believed to be males, since they have been together over ten years and neither has laid an egg. Both appear to have good pet quality.They're not ready for adoption yet, either together or separately. Of course, they squabble . . . they're macaws! Obviously, only time will tell, and they themselves are likely to have more than a casual say in the matter of whether or not they should remain together in the same cage. Notwithstanding we have some work cut out for us, we wanted to list them on the site sooner rather than later, so we can update on their progress. Adoption fee(s) will be posted once we have veterinary results and determine whether Shiloh and Opal would prefer to stay together or not. In the meantime, we will be accepting indications of interest.