BOGART is a 23-year old yellow-naped Amazon, former buddy and cage mate to Indian ringneck Lemondrop. Bogart's owner recently passed away, and Bogart had forgotten for a time his "roots" as a pet, but now seems to be getting back into interacting with people. Though he is not expected to be the cuddly type (he's an Amazon, after all!), he enjoys spending time atop his cage contemplating life, chatting and telling his stories. He has a great appetite (he's an Amazon, after all!), and he loves to help you finish what's on your plate. He also likes bananas and corn as treats, but he's not much on the greens, perhaps thinking he's green enough. Bogart is stick-trained, and he's a quick learner. Bogart's expanding vocabulary includes "Hello" and "Wotcha doin,'" and is expected to include more as time goes on, as he is reportedly an excellent talker. Bogart, who passed his vet check with flying colors, so to speak, has an adoption fee of $400 and includes an appropriately sized cage.