LEMONDROP is a 23-year old Indian ringneck parakeet, former buddy and cage mate to yellow-naped Amazon Bogart. Of course, he's bright yellow and quite stunning with that raspberry beak of his. Lemopndrop's owner recently passed away, and Lemondrop isn't quite the pet he used to be, but we think that with the right person he can bounce back, as he's fairly quick on the uptake. Though he is not expected to be cuddly, we think he will settle down given time, patience and attention. He likes to be out of his cage for different periods of the day, and likes to spend time there preening and chatting. He has a great appetite, and has a great curiosity about what you're eating. He enjoys being in the thick of it, but being a parakeet, he also enjoys an occasional fly-by. Watch him carefully, though, because he's quick and can hide where larger parrots can't. IRNs can be good talkers, and Lemondrop will likely go beyond just chatting once he and Bogart are not in the same space. Lemondrop's adoption fee is $275, and he comes with a size-appropriate cage