JB ("Just Bird")

JB ("JUST BIRD") is a 23-year male Citron-crested Cockatoo hybrid, whose original owners are making a career move out of state. Sadly, their new digs will not be able to accommodate JB, with whom they also find themselves less able to spend quality time. Ah, but he's a great bird! JB is relatively quiet (Nice!), appears to have NO self-esteem issues (OUT-standing!), eats well, and is quite entertaining. He also has an "evil laugh," talks some and is very interactive. JB enjoys time out of his cage hanging with his humans, watching TV, listening to music (especially 50s and classic rock), and being part of the action. He also enjoys spending time outdoors but must be secured because he is flighted. JB is a seasonal plucker, but we think he's just about perfect for anyone who's looking for a best friend who's feathered but barks like a dog on occasion. Pending his vet check, JB's adoption fee will include a size-appropriate cage and his play stand.